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Even if it's a lie, i want to believe it.
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15th-Aug-2007 11:51 am - 103 icons~
Nao Oh~~~~

I've made 103 icons.
45x alice nine
9x ayabie
26x an cafe
9x kana
6x Ayumi Hamasaki
2x BoA
4x the gazettE
2x text

I wil not upload for two weeks, due my summervacation. I'll stay in Greece for 2 weeks.

17th-Jul-2007 06:27 pm - icons ^_^
I scream party

I've made 22 new icons.
9x Stock
13x alice nine.

arisu.png Holdmedarlin.png scenerytokio.png

Do not hotlink
Please comment when you take some (even if you don't, Comments are love ^_^)
Credit mrsmuraior diamonddump
Feel free to join =)
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